Willow Park Wine & Spirits (2016-07-01)

Passing by Willow Park on the way back to the office from a job, and figured I’d pop in. Not unhappy with the results!

8 Wired Brewing Company Batch 2.18 Oak Aged Imperial Stout
Big Rock Brewery Citradelic
Big Rock Brewery Mosaic Lager
Council Brewing Co. Béatitude Mango Tart Saison
Council Brewing Co. Béatitude Mosaic Dry-Hopped Tart Saison
Council Brewing Co. Béatitude Raspberry Tart Saison
Council Brewing Co. Béatitude Three Berry Tart Saison
Le Trou du Diable John Edward Aldred Enlightened Beer
Ninkasi Brewing Company Velocihoptor
Russell Brewing Company Russell The Kettle Sour
Russell Brewing Company / Doan’s Craft Brewing Company New Style Pacific NW Pilsner
Townsite Brewing Inc. / 4 Pines Brewing Company / Tool Shed Brewing Soulless Cedar

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