Smuttynose Brewing Company Rocky Road – Milk / Sweet Stout at 7.3% ABV | 25 IBU

Smuttynose Brewing Company Rocky Road Milk / Sweet Stout at 7.3% ABV | 25 IBU (US$5.99 at Knightly Spirits Williamsburg, 650 ml, bottle date 1-Dec-2015, acquired 1-May-2016, reviewed 29-Sep-2016)

Appearance: nearly opaque black with only hints of clear amber-brown around the margins, one fat finger of loose and slightly fizzy beige head diminishing rapidly to a thin ring, no lacing. (3/5) Aroma: roasty malts, chocolate, caramel, woody, hints of coffee and nuts. (7/10) Taste: moderate-high sweet, moderate bitter. (7/10) Full slick body, moderate-low carbonation, drying and lightly boozy mild bitter finish. (3/5)

A cold, rainy, and generally horrible day today, boding the return of six months (at least) of cold, rainy (or snowy – or both), and generally horrible days, necessitated a comfort beer. (On the up side, I should now have about six months’ worth of excuses to drink down the glut of dark and heavy beers in my cellar.) Can’t say I got much of the marshmallow fluff, but the cocoa nibs seem to contribute both chocolate notes and more bitterness – particularly in the slightly astringent finish – than the lower IBU would suggest. There’s also some hoppiness in the finish as well, though. All in all, pretty well-balanced despite the higher sweetness. (14/20)

7/10 #ryansbooze


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