Brouwerij Lindemans Cassis – Lambic at 3.5% ABV

Brouwerij Lindemans Cassis Lambic Lambic at 3.5% ABV (C$8.09 at Oak & Vine, 355 ml, no bottle date or best before, acquired 1-Apr-2017, reviewed 29-Apr-2017)

Appearance: clear deep ruby with one finger of fluffy pink/purple head, good retention and patchy lacing. (4/5) Aroma: intense black currant, light earth, hint of oak. (7/10) Taste: moderate-high sweet, moderate-high tart, minimal bitter. (7/10) Palate: light body, lively carbonation, crisp tart finish. (4/5)

That’s a lot of fun if you like black currants: the fruit completely dominates the base lambic, but tastes very authentic, with a hint of that earthy note you get from the berry skins. The tartness mediates the high sweetness so that the final product is balanced, with neither feeling excessive. It’s almost as sweet as Faro, for example, but much more palatable. (15/20)

7.5/10 #ryansbooze

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