Õllekunsti OÜ (Põhjala Brewery) Jõuluöö – Imperial Porter at 8% ABV | 40 IBU

Õllekunsti OÜ (Põhjala Brewery) Jõuluöö Imperial Porter at 8% ABV | 40 IBU (2017 Craft Beer Advent Calendar #24, 330 ml, best before 1-Jul-2018, acquired 20-Nov-2017, reviewed 24-Dec-2017)

Appearance: unrelieved black with no hint of relief, one finger of loose light beige head diminishing gradually to a thin ring, minimal patchy lacing. (4/5) Aroma: chocolate, coffee, vanilla, oak, roasty malts, molasses, liquorice. (9/10) Taste: moderate-high sweet, moderate-high bitter. (9/10) Palate: medium-full body, moderate carbonation, off-dry warming finish. (4/5)

OK, at the very least I no longer think the decision not to have Sweet Baby Java! as the Christmas Eve beer was sheer lunacy. I was tickled to see a new Põhjala, with even more gratuitous tildes and umlauts in the name. Typographic glee aside, this is a damn fine porter. The only complaint I can really make is that, for all its dark appearance and full-tending body, the carbonation strikes me as being too enthusiastic for the style. This would be absolutely stellar with a soft carbonation and a slick, heavy body, but as it is, is merely very good. (17/20)

8.5/10 #craftbeeradvent2017 #ryansbooze ryansbooze.com

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