Council Brewing Co. Béatitude Passion Fruit Tart Saison – Saison at 4.5% ABV

Council Brewing Co. Béatitude Passion Fruit Tart Saison Saison at 4.5% ABV (C$19.49 at Willow Park Wine & Spirits, 750 ml, packaged on 22-Feb-2017, acquired 18-Nov-2017, reviewed 10-Apr-2018)

Appearance: slightly hazy pale straw with one fat finger loose white head diminishing rapidly to a thin skim, minimal patchy lacing. (3/5) Aroma: doughy yeast, tropical fruit, lacto tart, lemon zest. (8/10) Taste: moderate sweet, moderate tart, minimal bitter. (8/10) Light body, lively carbonation, crisp lightly tart and funky finish. (4/5)

Standard Council Brewing comments apply here: bready, doughy yeast, tastes better than it smells, and authentically Saison-ish lower-gravity. As usual, there’s a strong family resemblance to the other variants, but this one makes the yeast seem better balanced. As a result, it manages to smell almost as good as it tastes, making it one of their best so far, and very nearly as good as the Mosaic one. (16/20)

8/10 #ryansbooze

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