Evil Twin Brewing Every Day Once A Day Give Yourself an IPA (Batch #001) – American Double / Imperial IPA at 9% ABV

Evil Twin Brewing Every Day Once A Day Give Yourself an IPA (Batch #001) American Double / Imperial IPA at 9% ABV (C$6.99 at Oak & Vine, 473 ml, no packaging date or best before, acquired 25-May-2018, reviewed 30-May-2018)

Appearance: cloudy pale gold with one finger of rocky white head diminishing gradually to a persistent cap, spotty lacing. (3/5) Aroma: sweet tropical fruit, grapefruit, milk, vanilla, pale malt, floral. (9/10) Taste: moderate-high sweet, moderate-low bitter. (9/10) Palate: medium creamy body, moderate carbonation, off-dry moderate bitter warming finish. (5/5)

I’m just gonna go ahead and take this name as a recommended minimum, instead of a maximum. Kinda like the MSRP on a new vehicle, if you will: a starting point for negotiations. I mean, yeah, obviously I’m OK with having an IPA every day, but presumably it doesn’t have to be only one, does it? Mind you, if you had given me this a year ago and called it an IPA, I’d’ve laughed at you. I’d’ve still drunk it – obviously – but I wouldn’t have considered it a “real” IPA. Now, though? Well, we live in interesting times, don’t we? And if a 9% ABV mangopassiongrapefruitvanillamilkshake doesn’t convince you that “IPA” has lost all meaning as a style, I’m not sure what will. And if you think that should be construed as a criticism? Don’t – I love this: they took everything I like about I Always Felt Closer to IPAs Than I Did to People (can we call it IAFCtITIDtP, or would that be too twee?), dialled it up to 11, and broke the knob off. Too bad it’s so fugly, or it would be flirting with a perfect score. (18/20)

9/10 #ryansbooze ryansbooze.com

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