Gigantic Brewing Company PiñaCOOLada Hazy IPA (#63) – American IPA at 6% ABV

Gigantic Brewing Company PiñaCOOLada Hazy IPA (#63) American IPA at 6% ABV (C$8.99 at Willow Park Wine & Spirits, 500 ml, no packaging date or best before, acquired 24-May-2018, reviewed 24-May-2018)

Appearance: cloudy pale gold with two fat fingers of fluffy pale ivory head, excellent retention and heavy chunky lacing. (4/5) Aroma: tropical fruit, caramel, lime, coconut. (6/10) Taste: moderate sweet, moderate bitter. (7/10) Palate: medium body tending slightly watery, moderate-soft carbonation, off-dry mildly bitter finish. (3/5)

I had high hopes for this. Bit of a bandwagon, sure, but it’s Gigantic, and I do love the hazy/NE style (and Piña Coladas). And yet… I guess my major beef is, it’s too mild. Yes, there’s all of the flavours you’d expect from a Piña Colada, but they’re all pretty muted. And not in the “mild so as not to overwhelm the base beer” sense, either – because that’s pretty muted too. The body’s a bit disappointing too, tending slightly flat and watery. All in all, itt’s not bad, but it’s not great. (14/20)

7/10 #ryansbooze

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