Outcast Brewing Chateau d’Outcast – American IPA at 6.5% ABV | 15 IBU

Outcast Brewing Chateau d’Outcast American IPA at 6.5% ABV | 15 IBU (C$4.23 at Collective, 473 ml, packaged on 2-Aug-2018, acquired 11-Sep-2018, reviewed 14-Sep-2018)

Appearance: hazy pale straw with two fingers (and growing!) of rocky white head, excellent retention and moderate soapy lacing. (5/5) Aroma: white grape must, citrus zest, crackery pale malt, earth, hint of pine. (8/10) Taste: moderate sweet, moderate-low bitter, light tart. (8/10) Medium-light body, lively carbonation, dry mildly bitter warming finish. (4/5)

I’ve been wondering for a while why someone didn’t do this: it’s a “Brut IPA” created by using amylase enzyme to process more of the malt to fermentable sugar. (Though, I guess the fact that there are other examples out there means someone did, just without my knowledge. Oh, well, live and learn!) The result is very like the style of Tripel I prefer: highly attenuated, with an extremely dry finish in addition to a moderate alcohol warming. The date stamp on the base of the can also says “FANCY AF”, and I agree. If this is the new hotness, sign me up! (17/20)

8.5/10 #ryansbooze ryansbooze.com

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