Spearhead Brewing Company Hawaiian Style Pale Ale – American Pale Ale at 6% ABV | 60 IBU

Spearhead Brewing Company Hawaiian Style Pale Ale American Pale Ale at 6% ABV | 60 IBU (2018 Craft Beer Advent Calendar #5, 473 ml, packaged on 10-Aug-2018, acquired 30-Nov-2018, reviewed 5-Dec-2018)

Appearance: slightly hazy deep gold with an unmanageable massive rocky ivory head, excellent retention and moderate soapy lacing. (3/5) Aroma: citrus, caramel malt, light tropical fruit, faint pine. (7/10) Taste: moderate sweet, moderate-high bitter. (7/10) Palate: medium body, moderate carbonation, off-dry lingering bitter finish. (4/5)

Because nothing says “Christmas” like a “Hawaiian Style” Pale Ale, right? Though, I suppose one could start singing Mele Kalikimaka… Lord knows, you need something to do for the five minutes it takes to pour this without the head getting completely out of control! To be honest, I’m more perturbed by the age than anything: if you’ve got to start assembling the beers for the calendar in August, maybe Pales aren’t the go-to style? I thought I recognized the label – it looks like I had it almost five years ago, before I started keeping detailed notes. And I was far too generous with my scoring at the time – blame it on the enthusiasm of youth… (What? I was young…er… then!) (14/20)

7/10 #ryansbooze ryansbooze.com

6 thoughts on “Spearhead Brewing Company Hawaiian Style Pale Ale – American Pale Ale at 6% ABV | 60 IBU”

  1. Yeah, this beer was available at the NLC a few years ago and I remember trying it. Landwash Brewery opened here today in Mount Pearl, and it is only a 4 minute walk from my house!

    1. Yeah, I remember getting this at the NLC and noting at the time that it was contract brewed in BC for a Calgary brewery, and that I was just about to leave to go to BC before heading back to Calgary!

      I’m looking forward to trying Landwash when I get home in a couple of weeks. Have you had anything by them yet?

      1. Yes, I have had their One Wave Blonde 5.2% in a growler, which is fairly plain tasting, but easy to drink. Not a big fan of blondes myself.They claim this is their gateway beer to the craft market for the masses. I liked their Oatmeal Stout(4.4%) in a growler much better and it easily drinkable too and tastes better after it warms up a bit. I will be trying their NEIPA in a can ( not available in growlers) today. They also have a Sour. I think they will be into more unique craft beers in the future.

        1. Gotta agree with you regarding Blondes: I just can’t get excited over some beers, no matter how well they’re done. With some styles, the distinction between a good one and a poor one is almost always too subtle for me to appreciate – Kölsch, for example, or Märzen. And I almost without fail use the phrase “… for a Lager” when I encounter a decent one of that style! I’ll definitely have to make a point of trying their Stout and NEIPA, though -thanks for the heads up!

          1. Tried the NEIPA today at their tap room. Really nice and reminded me of a milder QV Calm Tom. They are already running low on the cans of the NEIPA and the draught too I think. Might not be much left when you get home.

  2. D’oh! Not much I can do about it, I’m afraid – my brother-in-law, whom I sometimes prevail upon to snag me stuff for my next rotation home, is out of town on a cruise (bastard). I guess I’ll drop a line to one of my beer trading buddies and see if he can snag some.

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