Lost Craft Brewing Co. Revivale Premium Lagered Ale – Kölsch at 4.8% ABV | 19 IBU

Lost Craft Brewing Co. Revivale Premium Lagered Ale Kölsch at 4.8% ABV | 19 IBU (C$3.57 at NLC Stavanger, 473 ml, packaged on 11-Apr-2017, acquired 29-May-2017, reviewed 30-May-2017)

Appearance: clear pale straw with a thick fluffy white head diminishing gradually to a thick cap, patchy lacing. (3/5) Aroma: grass, crackery malt, light sulphur and citrus. (5/10) Taste: moderate sweet, low bitter. (5/10) Palate: light body, moderate carbonation, crisp lightly bitter finish. (3/5)

A delicate style, and a difficult one to get right, even when you don’t have “Premium” on the label. This isn’t too far out of spec, I suppose. Slightly better than their Red, perhaps, but not much more inspiring. OK for a thirst quencher, but not much else. (11/20)

5.5/10 #ryansbooze ryansbooze.com

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