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Hey Ryan. Could you tell me where you got your Red Collar beers from and whether or not they were refrigerated? Thanks.

I got them at Sundance Wine Market in Calgary on May 28, and they were in the cooler. I kept them refrigerated as well, and tried them two days after getting them. I can’t speak to how long there were at Sundance, but I think the last time I was there was back in January, and don’t think I saw them there then. While I’ve got the ear of a brewer, can I make a suggestion? Bottle dates!

We’ve only ever shipped WIPA to Alberta once, and just 10 cases. The beer was very fresh, brewed a month ago. It sounds like you could have got extremely unlucky and got a spoiled bottle somehow. The reason I ask is I’m curious about the handling process with Connect (provincial distribution centre for Alberta). My apologies, I’m sorry you couldn’t have experienced the beer how it was meant to be.

In regards to dates, it’s something that we’re looking to as we grow. With the current sizes of our brews our beers generally disappear well before they could be stale dated. Thanks for your feedback though.

Stumbled upon your blog. I’m a homebrewing Texan, living in Edmonton, indefinitely. Bought some Lowenbrau at Superstore here and it turned my tongue. Went directly to the internet wondering WTF happened since I drank this beer last (maybe a decade ago)? Search led me to your website.

Good job, keep it up!

Cheers bud!

Glad you like it. In my experience the best place for good beer in Edmonton is the Sherbrook liquor store – I always make time to go there every time I come to Edmonton.

Willow Park and Sundance Wine both tend to have reasonable selections and can generally be relied upon to have at least a few reliable options. To be honest, though, lately I’m loving Oak & Vine in Inglewood. I’ve not yet tried their main store in Kensington, but the Inglewood store has a big selection of solid European (mainly Belgian) beers in addition to a wide variety of singles and build-your-own six pack options. Plus, they display all the new weekly beers in one place (on the end of the counter nearest the front door) so it’s easy to see what new choices there are.

The main Crowfoot store also has a nice selection.

So I just moved to the Calgary area. Where is the best place to get craft beer? I’ve been going to Craft Cellars on 32nd ave and it’s okay but not as much selection as I’d prefer.

There are tons of great breweries in Calgary! Theres the Tool Shed brewery, Red bison brewery, Common Crown brewery, Village brewery, Wild Rose brewery to name a couple! Then just west of Calgary in Canmore is a fantastic brewery called the Grizzly Paw brewery! If you head north of Calgary there is the Troubled Monk in Red Deer and the Blindman Brewery in Lacombe. I believe there is a brand new brewery opening up in Innisfail as well called Dark Woods brewing (dont quote me on that). Hope this helps! Happy drinking!

The only one of those I haven’t had is Red Bison. In the local area there’s also Cold Garden, Township 24, Annex Ale Project, Railyard, Ribstone Creek, Zero Issue, Citizen, Canmore Brewing… I could go on… 🙂

Cheers! There’s definitely a bigger selection in AB these days than there used to be, not to mention dozens of new craft breweries. Plus I travel a fair bit, and make it a priority to do a bit of beer shopping every time I go somewhere – so it all adds up!

Perhaps we should arrange some beer swaps between Winnipeg and Calgary? Porch bombing is very popular these days.

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