Annex Ale Project Concrete Jungle Tart Pineapple Saison – Saison at 6.3% ABV

Annex Ale Project Concrete Jungle Tart Pineapple Saison Saison at 6.3% ABV (C$7.07 at Willow Park Wine & Spirits, 650 ml, packaged on 14-Jul-2017, acquired 25-Aug-2017, reviewed 26-Aug-2017)

Appearance: cloudy and dirty pale amber with one fat finger of loose off-white head diminishing gradually to a thin skim, no lacing. (2/5) Aroma: baker’s yeast, caramel, tart tropical fruit. (5/10) Taste: moderate sweet, mild bitter, light tart. (6/10) Palate: medium-light body, moderate carbonation, off-dry mild bitter finish. (3/5)

I… dunno. I don’t like to issue ultimatums – or, hell, pretend to know what I’m talking about – but I keep being at least a little bit disappointed by these guys. This is another dirty-looking beer, but additionally layers on a fairly ham-fisted mess of baker’s yeast. There’s some fairly generic tropical fruit lingering in the background, but it’s neither particularly tart, nor particularly pineapple. It’s a bit of a train wreck, if I’m honest, and begins to strain my inclination towards giving local breweries the benefit of the doubt. (11/20)

5.5/10 #ryansbooze

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