Mill Street Brewery Cobbler Path – Wheat Ale at 5% ABV | 25 IBU

Mill Street Brewery Cobbler Path Wheat Ale at 5% ABV | 25 IBU (C$8.00 at Mill Street Brew Pub St. John’s, 945 ml, no bottle date or best before, acquired 29-Sep-2016, reviewed 1-Oct-2016)

Appearance: cloudy pink gold with one finger of loose off-white head diminishing gradually to a thin cap, spotty lacing. (3/5) Aroma: muted, wheat, melon, light berry and citrus. (6/10) Taste: moderate sweet, moderate-low bitter, light tart. (7/10) Light slightly creamy body, lively to moderate carbonation, off-dry slightly tart finish. (3/5)

This is fine – fairly light, easy-drinking, and not overly sweet – but how interesting, really, can a Blueberry Wheat Ale be? I’m not certain how much Mosaic is coming through, but it’s not a bad match for natural blueberry (which, I guess, is part of the reason I can’t really distinguish exactly what notes are coming from where). What this does particularly well, though, is keep an even hand on the blueberry: there’s enough that it’s detectable, but it’s not completely dominant, and it doesn’t taste artificial. I’ve had much worse along these lines, certainly (I’m looking at you, Pump House and Saugatuck!) and I guess I really need to be at least somewhat friendly about a beer named after a path five minutes from my house! (13/20)

6.5/10 #ryansbooze