Belching Beaver Brewery Hop Highway IPA – American IPA at 7.3% ABV | 65 IBU

Belching Beaver Brewery Hop Highway IPA American IPA at 7.3% ABV | 65 IBU (C$10.05 at Willow Park Wine & Spirits, 650 ml, packaged on 11-Jul-2017, acquired 23-Sep-2017, reviewed 23-Sep-2017)

Appearance: clear pale gold with two fat fingers of dense white head, excellent retention and moderate lacing. (4/5) Aroma: pine, citrus, caramel, floral, hints of white wine & earth. (8/10) Taste: moderate sweet, moderate-high bitter. (8/10) Medium body, moderate carbonation, off-dry lingering bitter slightly spicy finish. (4/5)

Very easy-drinking for 7.3%, with a bright hop blend on the nose and decent malt support. Glad I got to it well under the magic 90 day window for hoppy IPA’s, because I suspect this won’t age well at all. Really, my biggest complaint for this one is the name and the mascot, which frankly looks entirely too much like a chirping gopher (of which I’ve shot a very large number) for me to enjoy unreservedly. (16/20)

8/10 #ryansbooze